Learn more about what kind of transfer you are eligible for
under UK and Australian regulations

The feedback will be provided on the screen directly after you have submitted your answers.

Please answer the questions to establish what kind of pension transfer you are eligible for. The test will not take more than a couple of minutes to complete and will take both the current UK and the current Australia legislation into account.

  • This is a complimentary service of Qrops Australia.
  • Please note that this feedback is general information only and does not constitute personal advice of any sorts.
  • Note that this test is NOT for UK State Pensions, so please follow this link to enquiry directly with the HMRC in the UK.
  • No detailed financial data is required and we comply with the Australian Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

About the Eligibility Test

and its creator

This eligibility test was born out of necessity. So many Australia residents have pension rights in the UK, yet it’s so hard to find up-to-date general information. Having run bi-weekly seminars and webinars over the years just to inform people of the current rules, Dr. Johnsson decided to see if modern technology could provide the same kind of information, slightly more tailor-made and available on demand and in a very accessible way. The result was the test you are just about to complete (normally).

Dr. Richard Johnsson earned his doctorate in economics after studies at Uppsala (Sweden), Oxford and Sydney Universities. He has worked and lived in 7 countries, has been active in the financial services industry as an executive financial advisor, as a President & CEO of a wealth management company, as a private banking executive and has worked with international cross border pensions since 2005.

Richard has lived in Sydney since 2014 and is well-known for his professionalism, his ability to explain things in plain language and his down-to-earth attitude.

He will personally take care of all incoming contacts following this eligibility test.

Dr. Richard Johnsson

Dr. Richard Johnsson

Country Manager | Brite Australia

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Letter of Authority


A Letter of Authority (LOA) is a letter signed by you that authorises us to speak directly to your UK pension scheme. This allows us to obtain all the relevant details and up-to-date facts. The LOA only authorises us to request information on the named pension scheme and does not constitute an authority to make changes to the named scheme, nor does it constitute an application to move your pension to another provider or Scheme.

You can fill out LOAs for a single or multiple pensions and sign them online following the link below. Fill out as much as you can and we will see if it suffices.